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Kandy Esala Perahera 2019 - The Kap Inauguration, Internal Perahera of Four Devales 
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Start Date/Time: Wednesday, July 31, 2019 6:00 AM 
End Date/Time: Sunday, August 4, 2019 11:30 PM
Recurring Event: Every year on:7/31/2019

The annual Kandy Esala Perahera is inaugurated with the planting of the kap at the four devales of Natha, Maha Vishnu, Kataragama and Pattini on the day following the new moon in Esala.

 Tentative dates of the Kandy Esala Perahera 2019. 5th August - 15th August 2019. (Subject to change).

Date Event
31st July 2019 Kapsituvima (Planting of the 'Kapa')
1st August to 4th August 2019 Internal Perahera of Four Devales
5th August 2019 1st Kumbal Perahera
6th August 2019 2nd Kumbal Perahera
7th August 2019 3rd Kumbal Perahera
8th August 2019 4th Kumbal Perahera
9th August 2019 5th Kumbal Perahera
10th August 2019 1st Randoli Perahera
11th August 2019 2nd Randoli Perahera
12th August 2019 3rd Randoli Perahera
13th August 2019 4th Randoli Perahera
14th August 2019 5th Randoli Perahera
15th August 2019 Day Perahera (Water Cutting Ceremony "Diya Kepeema")

An Esala tree (the Indian Laburnum—Cassia Fistula) in full bloom at this time of the year, is supposed to be cut and its stem planted as the kap at the four devales. It has in modern times been replaced by a jak tree (Atocarpus Integrifolia) cut into four sections, one for each of the four devales. A drum tattoo from the Naha devala announces the ceremonial conveyance of the stumps to each of the devales.

Wanakku Rala Herath delivers the kap to an official of Kataragama Devale

Reaching the devale, the kap is duly planted at the allotted place in the premises facing east. For the next four days the devale perahera is conducted within the devale premises. Following this first stage, the perahera goes in procession for ten days in succession over a prescribed route along the main streets of Kandy. On each of these days, the peraheras of the devales proceed to the entrance to the Dalada Maligawa, where they join the Maligawa perahera and the combined procession goes winding along the prescribed route.


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