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Navam Full Moon Poya Day at London Buddhist Vihara 
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Start Date/Time: Sunday, February 24, 2019 6:00 AM 
End Date/Time: Sunday, February 24, 2019 10:00 PM
Recurring Event: Every year on:2/24/2019

Today is Navam Full Moon Poya Day. According to Buddhist traditions and literature, two utmost significant incidents took place on Navam Full Moon Poya Day.

They are the appointment of Buddha’s two chief disciples - Sariputta and Moggallana. Sariputta was appointed to the prestigious position of “Dharmasenadhipathi” and Moggallana as “Dharmapuroitha” respectively.

It was also on a Navam full moon poya day that Venerable Sariputta who sat fanning the Buddha while the expounded the Vedana Pariggaha Sutta to the wandering ascetic named Dighanakha at the cave Sukarakathalena situated in the Mount of Gijjakuta and on having concentrated on the sane discourse attained arahantship a fortnight after his ordainment.

The holding of the first-ever Buddhist Council – meeting also took place on a Navam full moon poya day.

Navam Full Moon Poya Day celebration is held at the London Buddhist Vihara.

Resident theras at the Vihara take part in organising Buddha Puja, Buddha Wandana,observing 8 precepts, Meditation, Dhana and Dhamma Discussions. 

The teachers and parents of the Rahula Dhamma School sponsor the poya day programme with generous assistance from many supporters of the Vihara.

Mid day Dhana to the theras is offered to remember and pass merits to the previous upasaka and upesikas who may reside in other existances so as to help them shed the kleshas.

A large number of devotees observe the 8 precepts on this poya day. These training rules are observed by laypeople during Uposatha (lunar observance) days. The Eight Precepts are based on the Five Precepts, with the third precept extended to prohibit all sensual activity and an additional three precepts that are especially supportive to meditation practice.


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